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Are We Online provides a completely automated service to monitor your websites and your web server's health on the Internet every 5 minutes! Our web site monitoring system verifies that your www sites are up and running at a good speed, along with your email and ftp servers. We monitor your websites from multiple locations to make sure it is accessible to everyone.

We also provide additional services as part of the plan including: domain expiration warnings, blacklist detection (to make sure you're not perceived as a spammer), malware list detection (so people don't think you distribute viruses), and more.

Our notification system will alert you by email, SMS Text to your phone, and Instant Message on your computer. We send alerts to up to 5 people at no additional cost!

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Customer Reviews promises a constant flow of fresh "On Demand" video based coaching for entrepreneurs. We count on "" to monitor our websites. Our tech staff gets instant alerts by email and on their mobile devices if there is any interruption or delay in service. Problems will occur, but AreWeOnline helps us be totally prepared.

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