Content Monitoring

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What is "Content Monitoring"?

Content Monitoring is the process of pre-defining the content that should be coming from your website, and comparing it with the content that is coming from your website. Rather than simply testing that you're website server is "responding" - which means its could just be serving an error page, Are We Online validates that the content offered by the server is the same as the content you intended the user to see when they arrive on specific web pages.

Content Checking

Why do I need "Content Checking"?

Unlike other web site monitoring services and server monitors, Are We Online's content checking service lets you know that every potential customer landed on the page you wanted them to arrive on - not an error page. We check for errors, such as 404 and 505, but we also check for specific pieces of content, keywords, and phrases to monitor website content and determine the page is being served as intended.
Are We Online's website content checking service is here to make sure that the visitors are seeing your content, and with our unique content monitoring service, we're able to validate your content and alert you if the pages being served aren't the ones you expected.