Are We Online's Website, FTP, and Email Server Monitoring Features

More of the features you need without the bloated price of the other website monitoring guys

More than just Website Availability, Uptime, and Performance Monitoring

Are We Online provides all the web monitoring services your business' website could need. We give you the ability to manage your brand's web presence by monitoring website response time, web site performance, and website content. Our suite of utilities monitor your website, domain, server, and social media sites 24 / 7 / 365. Are We Online continuously monitors your web presence to determine if pages are loading slowly or if pages that are being served are invalid.

Are We Online's web site monitoring tool will alert everyone on your notification list when any errors report. Our web monitoring utility alerts are completely customizable by each customer, and can be configured to be delivered via:
      » Email
      » SMS (Text Message)
Are We Online offers completely unlimited SMS alerts
      » Instant Messenger

Once Are We Online starts monitoring your website, you can rest easy knowing that if any problems were to arise with your servers or website, you would be notified before your customers visit your site to find it not working.