Text Alerts, Email Alerting, and Instant Messenger Alerts

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How Does Are We Online Alert Me When My Website Is Having Issues?

Are We Online's website monitoring service can alert you however you'd like. In your administration panel, you can set your alerts to be sent via email, text (sms), or instant messenger. Simply put, every time your website's load time passes the user-defined threshold in your admin panel or when we're testing your website or server availability and we get an invalid response (Website Availability Monitoring and FTP & Email Server Monitoring), we'll immediately send out an alert through all of the distribution channels you've set in your administration panel.

How Many Alert Contacts Can I Have?

With Are We Online's website monitoring service you can have as many alert contacts as you need - there are no restrictions. If you have a team of 6 people working on your website, then you should have 6 contacts. Our websites and server monitoring tools are designed with your business' budget in mind. You can also set your contact email to send to a distribution chain. For instance, say you have a support@yoursite.com email address that distributes your emails through to your web development team. You could easily set your contact information to email to this team in your administration panel.

Unlimited Text (SMS) Alerts

How Does Text (SMS) Alerting Work?

SMS is the acronym for Short Message Service. Short messaging is the communication technology we so lovingly refer to as "text messaging". Are We Online knows that people are on the road, and sometimes can't check their email as often as they would at their desktop, so we developed our service to accommodate businesses that utilize the SMS technology. Alerting via text message allows us to communicate to all of our customers through worldwide networks and makes it easier for you to monitor your website wherever you are.

In your Are We Online administration panel, you can attach a phone number to each of your alert contacts. You simply check the Receive Cell Text check box next to that contact, add their cell phone carrier, and voila! they now receive text and email alerts. Are We Online never charges you extra for receiving text message alerts, and will always send them out when we send out email alerts.

Instant Messenger (IM) Alerts

How Does Instant Messenger (IM) Alerting Work?

Just like Are We Online's Text (SMS) Alerts, we'll alert you via instant messenger whenever your site is experiencing issues. In your administration, you can set your alert contacts to receive IM alerts via any one of these networks: Are We Online will never charge you for using an additional monitoring alert networks. You can add as many IM contacts as you would like.