Domain Expiration Monitoring

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What is "Domain Expiration Monitoring"?

Are We Online's domain expiration notification keeps you informed as to when your domain is about to expire. You've taken the time to build a website and domain that closely represents your brand and company, why let your domain expire, and risk someone stealing your domain? Our domain expiration monitoring service keeps you ahead of the curve, and alerts you when it's time to renew your domain.

Domain Expiration Notification

How Does Domain Expiration Notification Work?

Are We Online will monitor your domain registration and alert you a month before your domain is set to expire. Are We Online will continue to alert you until we see that you've renewed your domain. There are plenty of programs out there that alert "domain pirates" that a domain is set to expire, we're here to make sure that domain isn't your expired domain.

So What if my Domain Expires?

There are plenty of "domain pirates" – or speculators – on the internet. Their sole job is to purchase domains and re-sell them. Especially with high-traffic domains, these speculators will buy them the second they become available, and resell them for thousands of dollars. In fact, most domain registries readily auction off expired domains when the owner fails to renew.
Don't spend years building up your brand's domain and your brand's web presence to lose it in a weekend while you were on vacation. Allow Are We Online to monitor your domains, and keep you ahead of the competition with our domain expiration notification service.