Social Media Review Site Comment Monitoring

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What is "Social Media Comment Monitoring" or "Review Site Comment Reporting"?

Are We Online has developed a proprietary check on Google Places reviews and Yelp reviews for custom-level alerting from user reviews. We check these social media sites and collect the newest reviews. When reviews are posted with a rating underneath your alert threshold we alert you in your Review Site Monitoring Dashboard.

Why Do I Need Yelp and Google Places Review Monitoring?

Imagine if a customer were to come into your restaurant, have the worst service, and then posted it all over the internet that your restaurant was dirty, poorly staffed, and had terrible food? The damage done could be pretty serious – especially if that personal has some clout in that social media platform. With Are We Online's Yelp and Google Places Review Monitor, your business would be able to quickly react to that customer's review.
Businesses that have 5-star ratings tend to be questioned by internet users, however businesses that have complaints but handle them with tact seem to benefit from the interaction. There are a number of studies and cases out there, the article on is a pretty good example of what do when your business gets a bad review on Yelp or Google Places: How to Handle Customer Complaints.

My Business Doesn't Have a Google Places or Yelp Review Page

Regardless of whether or not you have a business page on either Google Places or Yelp Reviews, anyone can create one for your business. It is important to monitor these review site comments, because you never know who is posting what, or even who's posting false negative reviews about your business. Either way, people perceive these pages to be official. Don't let them question why your local business didn't respond quickly and courteously to its negative review.
If your business doesn't have a Google Places or Yelp review page, you should definitely consider starting one for yourself. These are both excellent forms of web traffic you can convert into brick-and-mortar sales. Both of these services are highly accessible and have mobile applications to help people find local businesses by searching for that specific service and their city. Think of it like an interactive Yellow Pages – with user reviews.