Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Are We Online's Website Monitoring Service Determine If a Web Site Is "Up"?

Are We Online's web site monitoring service checks the server reponse codes from your website, domain, or server. We also verify that the content you expect to come from each page is actually being served by the server. If there is no response, or an incorrect response, our web monitoring utility will immediately notify you via email, voice, or SMS.
For more information on the process, please read Real-Time Website Performance Monitoring and Multiple Server Website Monitoring

How Does Are We Online Check Website Uptime and Web Site Response Time Performance?

Are We Online will monitor server repsonse codes from your website and its server. Our website monitor validates the response code while our web site monitoring service verifies that the system isn't reporting this error because of a network or Internet Service Provide (ISP) issue. Please refer to Multiple Web Site Monitoring for a more in-depth explanation.
When you're in the Are We Online monitoring tools administrative panel, click on "Manage Domain", you'll see each of your domains being monitored, their status, and the option to trace the route. These features allow you to quickly monitor website uptime and web server performance.
For more information on website and server monitoring, please read Website Uptime Monitoring and Website Performance Monitoring

Can I Add SMS Alerts to My Business' Web Monitoring Account?

In your Are We Online account administration tool, you can opt for SMS alerts. Under the "Contact" tab on the "My Account" tab, click "Edit" and you'll see the contact information for your web monitoring alerts. Enter any mobile device phone number that supports SMS messages and the carrier you use. Once you've entered that information, check the box labeled "Recieve Cell Text" to activate the SMS alert service.

Can I Add Additional Web Monitoring Contacts?

You can add additional alert contacts on all of Are We Online's website monitoring plans. To add a contact, click on "Contacts" on the My Account page and "Add New Contact." Then enter the contact information, including name and email that the web monitoring alerts should go to.

Can I Use Are We Online to Monitor Multiple Domains and Websites?

Asbolutely! Are We Online's website monitoring service can handle as many domains and web sites as you would like to connect to your account. The price for each additional domain is $12 per year. You can order new domains to monitor by clicking the "Add Domain" tab on the "My Account" page, or by opening your shopping cart.
For more info on domain expiration notification and blacklisting monitoring, please read Domain Expiration Monitoring and Website Blacklising Monitoring

Can I Cancel My Subscription to Are We Online's Web Monitoring Services?

You can cancel any subscriptions at any time. To cancel a subscription, Please contact us at Please include your Full Name, Company Name, Contact Phone Number, and the Domain you wish to cancel. Your cancellation should be processed within 24 hours.

How Come My Question Wasn't Answered?

As much as what we do makes people think that we're psychic... At Are We Online website monitoring services, we actually aren't... sadly. But! If you do have a question that we haven't answered, you can always Ask @AreWeOnline a Question on Twitter... or you can always email